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Welcome to the home of one of the largest unions on the east coast! Here at Susquehanna, DDSP we represent our employees by standing side by side with our team.

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Monthly Meeting Alert

Our next Monthly Meeting will be on Tuesday June 20th

please come out to our meeting we will also be hosting a cookout.

Time: 2:00PM – 5:00PM

Date: June 20th

Location: Union Hall building 286




News & Updates

Local and National

AFGE National:

New EPA Administrator Making EPA Great for Polluters, Bad for Workers

June 16, 2017

Scott Pruitt will make America great again for polluters.

On June 15, the controversial administrator of the Environment Protection Agency testified before Congress for the first time since his confirmation, insisting that deep cuts to programs that protect Americans against air, water, and land pollution are needed.

Pruitt wants to slash EPA’s 2018 budget by 31%, or about $2.6 billion, and get rid of Click here to Read More

Source: AFGE National Website

Veterans Organizations Defend VA, Bash “Choice” Privatization Plan


As Congress and the administration are expanding the use of private, for-profit hospitals under the so-called Choice program, organizations that represent veterans are making it clear that the Choice program should continue to be just a temporary fix and that they are against the privatization of the VA.

“The American Legion supports a strong VA that relies on outside care as little as possible andClick here to Read More

Source: AFGE National Website

Budget Cuts Will Make Your Next Flight Less Safe


On Nov. 1, 2013, a gunman opened fire with a rifle near a checkpoint in Terminal 3 of the Los Angeles Airport, killing TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez. Two other TSA officers and a civilian were injured. According to multiple reports, the gunman put his target squarely on TSA officers.

Around the world, terrorists have attacked Click here to Read More

Source: AFGE National Website

7 Things Trump Wants to Privatize

The Trump administration wants to run the government like a business: all the profits go to those at the top, and the rest of us are left to fight over the scraps.

Less than five months into his presidency, Trump has taken serious steps to hand over major public assets to profit-hungry corporations. From the pro-business cabinet picks to the “Corporate Interests First” budget proposal, the administration makes it clear it wants to deconstruct government agencies, gut regulations that keep us safe from polluters and corporate greed, and sell off public goods for private profit.

The administration is so eager to sell off public assets thatClick here to Read More

Source: AFGE National Website