Veteran’s Organizations Defend VA, Bash “Choice” Privatization Plan

Veterans Organizations Defend VA, Bash “Choice” Privatization Plan


As Congress and the administration are expanding the use of private, for-profit hospitals under the so-called Choice program, organizations that represent veterans are making it clear that the Choice program should continue to be just a temporary fix and that they are against the privatization of the VA.

“The American Legion supports a strong VA that relies on outside care as little as possible andClick here to Read More

Source: AFGE National Website

New EPA Administrator Making EPA Great for Polluters, Bad for Workers

New EPA Administrator Making EPA Great for Polluters, Bad for Workers

June 16, 2017

Scott Pruitt will make America great again for polluters.

On June 15, the controversial administrator of the Environment Protection Agency testified before Congress for the first time since his confirmation, insisting that deep cuts to programs that protect Americans against air, water, and land pollution are needed.

Pruitt wants to slash EPA’s 2018 budget by 31%, or about $2.6 billion, and get rid of Click here to Read More

Source: AFGE National Website

4 Freedoms to Be Thankful for This 4th of July

4 Freedoms to Be Thankful for This 4th of July

Fourth of July is the most important day in American history. Not only did the Declaration of Independence legally create the United States as an independent nation, the Declaration embodied our noblest ideals and highest aspirations – our beliefs in liberty, equality, opportunity, rights, and democracy. These ideals serve as our guiding light as we strive to form a more perfect union.

And we as a nation have come a long way. Many rights and freedoms we enjoy today were obtained because generations before us had the foresight to fight and preserve them for future generations. Our government has also played a major role in protecting many of these freedoms as it works to “establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare.”

This Fourth of July, here are four freedoms we are thankful for:

  1. Freedom to form and join a union.We are thankful for our freedom to join together with our coworkers to form a union to improve our lives. Unions touch everyone in this country whether you are a union member or not. Unions, for example, led the fight to establish the eight-hour work day, end child labor, and legislate workplace safety requirements. Unions have been instrumental in securing major labor and benefits laws such as Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and minimum wages. Unions also provide checks and balances against tyranny in the workplace.If you haven’t joined a union, join us today and help protect our freedom to assemble for petition of grievances.
  2. Freedom to breathe clean air and enjoy nature.We are able to breathe the fresh, clean air of liberty – literally, thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency. As our country has evolved and our population has grown, the job of the EPA is even more important. The EPA makes sure that the air we breathe, the rivers we swim in, and the land we build our houses on are safe and free from pollution. And thanks to the National Park Service which protects and maintains our national parks and monuments, we’ll be able to enjoy Yellowstone, Shenandoah, Great Smoky Mountains, and other national parks for generations to come.
  3. Freedom to live and prosper in safety.Safe communities don’t just happen; we create and maintain them. Air travelers are safer today than before, thanks to TSA. Because of the Bureau of Prisons, the most dangerous criminals are kept behind bars and off the streets. Thanks to the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, drug and human traffickers are stopped at our borders and shores. The Defense Department protects all of us against aggressive forces outside our borders. America prospers when we can raise families, go to work, and build a life for ourselves knowing that those who protect and serve are on watch.
  4. Freedom to lead a healthy life.If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Thanks to the Department of Health and Human Services which funds all kinds of research to find cures to diseases, Americans now live longer – 25 years to be exact – and enjoy a healthier life. One of the most important public health achievements of the 20th century was a decline in death rates from heart disease and stroke, which account for 40% of all deaths, due to development of prevention interventions and improvements in therapy. HHS is not the only government agency that helps improve public health. The Department of Veterans Affairs has also played a major role, not only for veterans but for everyone in the country and around the globe. The VA, for example, successfully implanted the first cardiac pacemaker developed by a VA team. A VA doctor performed the first long-term successful kidney transplant and conducted the first human liver transplant. Even more, Defense Health Agency employees tend to our active duty service members are the world each and every day.

What freedoms are you thankful for? 

If you cherish these four freedoms like we do, let’s join together and protect themCall your members of Congress and ask them to protect our public health, safety, and security by fully funding our government.


Meeting and Cookout

Memorial Day 2017

What is union-busting?

What is union-busting?

By law, employers aren’t supposed to intimidate, coerce, or fire employees for exercising their
democratic rights to act collectively with their coworkers. Yet many employers do it anyway — often with the
help of outside union-busting consultants. Under current US labor law, the protections against these tactics
aren’t very strong. Employers often use a combination of legal and illegal methods to silence employees who
attempt to form unions or to destroy one that is already in place. Some examples:

  • Management threatens to layoff workers or to close the workplace because union workers are
    “just too expensive” or union jobs are “eating up the budget.”
  • A key union-busting tactic is to try to undermine the union by rejecting all of its demands in
    negotiations, even the simpliest and most reasonable. This is also called “bad faith bargaining.”
  • Managers target activist workers by using disciplinary warnings, instituting gag rules, or
    publicly criticizing those who are engaged in concerted activities (working together to improve
    terms and conditions of work).
  •  Managers publicly criticize the union, or even specific union members, in an attempt to
    undercut union’s credibility and scare workers into not speaking up. Managers quiz workers about
    “who is behind this campaign?” in an attempt to create a hostile workplace climate and wage a
    psychological war on activists.
  • Union-busting consultants such as Jackson Lewis advise managers to “try to come across as
    respectful of labor’s concerns … institute an open-door policy with employees,” but at the same time
    treat employees differently depending on if they are seen as pro-management or pro-union.
  • Employer creates or exploits a climate of fear and distrust, setting workers up to fight with each
    other over resources so they won’t look at what management is doing. Managers often encourage
    divisions among workers along lines of race, gender, ethnicity, citizenship or other differences.
  • Management spends money to defeat worker organizing rather than allocating that money
    towards quality wages and benefits for employees.
  • Employer holds meetings on work time (sometimes called “captive audience meetings”) forcing
    workers to listen to management’s opinion of the supposed “harm” the union has caused for workers.
    Such meetings also allow those workers who are anti-union to speak up publicly with management’s
    full support while intimidating others into silence.
  • Workers receive differential and arbitrary treatment from managers. A pro-union worker might
    get a warning for mentioning layoffs, while an anti-union worker’s offensive remarks toward
    coworkers are ignored.
  • Management “reorganizes” the workplace by laying off or transferring workers, giving the work to
    those who are willing to work for less or even nothing. Also accomplishes key goal of dividing workers
    against each other.
  • Managers try to bargain individually with workers, or with sub-groups of workers, instead of
    going through fair and transparent collective bargaining. This separates workers from each other and
    often makes one’s advancement dependent on siding with managers.
  • Anti-union consultants advise employers to support and even fund organizations that claim to
    represent workers, even if they legally cannot. Management can then play those organizations off
    against the union.
  • Employers commonly resort to laying off, demoting or firing union supporters. Union-busting
    consultants advise: “Get rid of the activists, just be sure you do it for other reasons.”

Sources: Martin Jay Levitt, Confessions of a Union-Buster (New York: Crown Publishers, 1993), and John Logan, “The Union
Avoidance Industry in the United States,” in the British Journal of Industrial Relations, 44:4 (December 2006), 651–675.

AFGE National Town Hall Meeting

Time & Dates

2017 time and dates for AFGE National Town Hall phone call in


Last year AFGE local 2004 represented employees over a hundred and thirty times in alternative dispute resolutions. These were issues that could not be resolved at the lowest level with the area supervisor. In addition seventy one Formal Grievances were filed to resolve employee issues.

Who needs a union? You do!

PRO DEO ET PATRIA (For God & Country)

11/17/2016 (on Left) Chaplain COL Robert Nay (Center) Maureen Taylor- AFGE Local 2004 Chaplain (on Right) Chaplain COL Charlton Birch- D.L.A. Command Chaplain

Above is the COMMAND CHAPLAIN FOR EXCELLENCE COIN,  received on November 17, 2016  by Maireen Taylor AFGE Local 2004 Chaplain. This was received from the DLA (Chaplain) COL  Charlton Birch and Chaplain (Colonel) Robert Nay Maureen was surprised, humbled, and honored to receive this honor after the Thanksgiving service at the D.L.A. Chapel.

 Maureen Taylor states as follows:

“To some, it may seem like an insignificant honor, but, it means so much to me, because I received it at the time of my service as our  AFGE Local 2004 Chaplain…it is my hopes and desire that the AFGE Local 2004 Chaplains who hold the position after me, will take the position seriously, serving as the Chaplain of any organization, should hold the same respect and honor as any other office, no more or no less.

I was, also, told that these coins are few, not many are left; in the future they will not be allowed to give them out to anyone unless they are at a higher level, in the Chaplain Command…so, with that said, I was really humbled.

They also told me that they really appreciate the work that I have done at the DLA Chapel. The chapel is a historical WWII building, there are not many more of these WWII chapels standing. Majority of them have been torn down or turned into storage buildings across the country on various bases. they wish to preserve our chapel as a historical Memorial. No guarantees this will happen, but, I’m happy that I was a part of this legacy  and effort to preserve the chapel and that includes each of you, AFGE Local 2004, because we are a team.

PRO DEO ET PATRIA COIN: For God and Country

Maureen E. Taylor

DLA Installation Support


AFGE Local 2004 Chaplain”

The AFGE Local 2004 team would like to thank you for your services to our union, and congratulate you on your reward. We are thankful to have you as part of our team, and wish you continuing success.

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