From The President



January 2017

FROM: Robert Boutselis, President AFGE Local 2004

I need your help

Bargaining unit employees of AFGE Local 2004, we are under attack, specifically, within Mission Receiving. There are reports of a manager engaging in bullying/harassing behavior and victims are not being treated as victims. I encourage all member to report bullying actions to your respective leaders in the Senate (Congressional). If you need assistance, please call the following numbers x7532 or 6162.
Please protect yourself and your co-workers from bullying and the mobbing being exhibited within mid to lower leadership by reporting the misbehavior, because tomorrow if may be you who is subjected to bullying. Do it immediately so you will be treated with respect and empathy versus pestilence. You have the POWER to assure your work environment is hostile free, but only if you choose to act when managers/supervisor display unprofessional behavior.


In Solidarity,


Robert Boutselis

President of AFGE Local 2004






November 2016

The American people have spoken and elected Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.  As public servants, us federal employees here at DLA Distribution Susquehanna Pennsylvania and beyond, will continue to carry out the missions of our respective agencies under the Constitution and law.

AFGE Local 2004 will continue to fight for workers’ rights and for the programs and services government employees deliver for the American people.  That never changes no matter who sits in the White House.

AGFE Local 2004 will continue to faithfully and tirelessly represent the interest of the federal government bargaining unit employee’s located at DLA (New Cumberland), USASAC, Carlisle Barracks, MEPS, Ft. Indiantown Gap, and a few other minor sites.

AFGE Local 2004 remains the leading advocate on behalf of the federal workforce and the incredible service provided to our local area by the dedicated civil servants we represent.

In Solidarity,


Randy Elliott

Chief Steward


Look forward to more updates from Randy Elliott,  the Chief Steward.