The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest and most influential federal and D.C. employees union in the United States. We’re growing stronger every day. In the last four years, we’ve added a net increase of some 3500 new members. Combined with over 18,000 retired members, our total membership is more than 310,000 strong. No other union represents close to that number of government employees.

AFGE is in the middle of every battle involving the well-being of federal and D.C. employees and their families. We lobby the White House, work in agencies, litigate in court and lobby in the halls of Congress. AFGE is all about producing results that positively affect our members’ lives.


AFGE Local 2004 has over 1,200 dues paying members!

DUES ARE only $8.00 per week and are Tax deductible!


Are you considering joining your local AFGE union? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you must SAY YES to joining the union today!

1. Are you worried that your job may be targeted for elimination?

2. Would you like to be recognized for the important services you provide to the American people?

3. Do you want your retirement benefits protected from ongoing Congressional attacks?

4. Do you want an effective advocate on Capitol Hill to protect your pay and benefits?

5. Do you want to protect your hard-won civil service rights?

6. Would you like to be at the table when labor/management decisions are made?

7. Would you like to be involved in the latest discussions regarding health, safety and security concerns at the workplace?

8. Would you like to protect your job from furloughs and RIFs?

9. Do you want to be able to bargain for better work schedules and improved quality of life?

10. Do you deserve fair treatment and consideration for promotions, training and career advancement opportunities.

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