“Today’s report confirms what we’ve always known: that belonging to a union makes a powerful difference in people’s lives, providing greater economic security and helping them punch their ticket to the middle class”

There is a direct link throughout American history between the strength of the middle class and the vitality of the labor movement. It’s not a coincidence. When union are strong, working families thrive, with wages, productivity rising in tandem. But when the percentage of people represented by unions is low, there is a downward pressure on wages and the middle class takes it on the chin.”

“We reject the old false choice and zerosum thinking-the kind that suggest either workers or their employers can thrive, but not both. Unions succeed not at the expense of business, but in partnership with business. Forward-looking employers recognize that they can give their workers a voice while giving there bottom line a boost.”

Secretary of Labor, Thomas E. Perez

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On base, the service provider MWR provides services to all  military and civilian personnel on the Installation. MWR is responsible for all recreational facilities and operations, such as the Gym, Pool, Rentals, Dinning and catering services, Events, and Golf Course Management.






Union Forms

The following forms are all Electronic union forms found in the MLA

APPENDIX A     Official Time Form for Union Officials

APPENDIX B    Official Time Report for Union Officials Form

APPENDIX C   Telework Request and Approval Form

APPENDIX D   Telework Agreement Form

APPENDIX E    Telework Supervisor-Employee Check List

APPENDIX F    Telework Self-Cert Home Safety Checklist

1187                      OFFICIAL SIGNUP FORM